Dear business partners,

The new European chemical regulation (EG No. 1907/2006) on the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals (REACH) came into effect on 1st July 2007.

As a result, as of June 2008, it is no longer permitted to manufacture or import any materials within the EU in a quantity larger than one ton per year without said materials being registered or pre-registered.

In accordance with article 2, waste, as defined under the guideline 2006/12/EEA, shall not be considered as material, preparation or product under the terms of article 3 of the REACH regulation. There is thus no obligation to register or authorise waste as well as no information obligation.

Fundamentally, materials extracted from waste (secondary raw materials) must be registered under the terms of REACH. Recycling companies are also required to register recycled materials in accordance with article 6 of the REACH regulation. In accordance with article 2 (7d), materials that are recycled within the EU must not be registered if they are identical to materials already registered and if they are available to the recycler in accordance with article 31 (Safety data sheets) and/or article 32 (Information without safety data sheet).

Value Compounding Technology GmbH follows the REACH obligations.

In addition, together in the interest of our customers, we strive to constantly monitor the quality of our products. If necessary, we will inform you immediately if you obtain a product from us that will lead to an information obligation on your part.

We thus ask you to refrain from sending us enquiries and sample letters for which must guarantee the adherence of our company to the REACH regulation.

You can continue to rely on a high-quality collaboration with us.

Value Compounding Technology GmbH.